Hydraulic Systems

One of the most demanding formwork operations, in terms of time and labor, is the assembly and disassembly of the core wall form system for forming of elevator shafts and stairway walls. For this type of formwork the traditional method was to make box forms with mechanical stripping corners. Time and labor to strip and properly re-position the box form system from one level to another was constant challenge for contractors. For fast and efficient positioning and stripping of box forms, National Forming Systems Inc. developed the HYSICO Box Form. This system eliminates the labor required to expand and contract the box form, and reduces expansion and contraction times to seconds.

The HYSICO Box Form is a four sided concrete form, either square or rectangular shape, consisting of four perpendicular wall form panels connected at the vertical ends to Hydraulic Stripping Corners driven by a power unit. The purpose of this systems is to form the inside face of concrete walls of elevator shafts or stairways.

Each Hydraulic Stripping Corners is connected with two hydraulic hoses to the Hydraulic Power Unit.

Through developing the HYSICO box form, National Forming Systems Inc. has advanced the way elevator cores and stairwells are constructed.

Hysico Box Form Components

Wall Form Panels
Hydraulic Stripping Corners
Power supply Hoses
Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Stripping Corner
Wall Form Panel
Hydraulic Power Unit


Climbing Sequence

EAGLE Self Climbing Hydraulic System climbs in one single sequence (stroke) for the entire required floor height with a climbing speed of 1.0M/min.

Integrated System

EAGLE Self Climbing Hydraulic System’s hydraulic cylinders lift the entire wall form core structure and all working platforms as one assembly, at the same time. Conventional self-climbing hydraulic systems do not have entire wall form structures as one unit and each wall form panel assembly lifts separately with its own pair of hydraulic cylinders.

Setup Time

EAGLE Self Climbing Hydraulic System lifts the entire wall form core structure intact, resulting in faster set-up time for the next concrete pour.

Power Unit

Computerized Hydraulic Pump 230V, 3PH, 6Amp as a power supply unit to four Hydraulic Cylinders with a total capacity of 90.8 Tonnes (Metric) with a safety factor of 1:4.

Climbing Bracket

Climbing Brackets guide the Climbing Beams during the lifting sequence. It has safety locks to prevent downward sliding of the entire system and to lock in place the entire system in the required position upon lifting.

Climbing Beam

Climbing Beams keep the entire assembly in a vertical and plumb position during the climbing sequence.

Carrier Beam

Carrier Beam is supported by one pair of Hydraulic Cylinders and it carries Trusses and the entire overhead structure from which wall form assemblies are hanged down.

Windshield System

National Forming Systems is providing solutions for Building Protection Screens.
We offer Hydraulic Windshield Systems, customized for our customer’s requirements.

The system is used on high rise buildings to protect the workers against wind and also as a safeguard to increase productivity while working on high elevations above the ground level. The completely enclosed working area prevents items from falling down. The system is designed to significantly increase safety on and around inner city high rise construction jobsites.
The protection screen segments can be moved by tower crane or hydraulically from floor to floor.

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