Climbing Systems

The single sided Climbing Formwork JB-240 has a built-in retractable rail that moves the wall form panel 650 mm back from concrete surface, for cleaning the panels and preparing for the next concrete pour.

Retractable rail consists of a rack and pinion device for sliding the wall form panel backwards, while rolling mechanism keeps rail in line and insures easy operation.

Step 1

Positioned wall form panel with pilot anchor attached supported by wall braces. Proceed with first concrete pour.

Step 2

After concrete reaches required strength, remove wall form. Attach pedestal support bracket and place jumpform brackets JB-240 on it. Install pilot anchor on wall form panel Proceed with second concrete pour.

Step 3

After concrete reaches required strength, retract wall form panel and attach pedestal support bracket.

Step 4

Lift Climbing Formwork JB-240 with crane, to next section. CAUTION Safe working load of lifting eye is 1900 kg (4200 lbs).

Step 5

Place Jumpform Bracket JB-240 on pedestal support bracket and lock in position with safety bolt. Install tension cable to secure climbing wall form before workers are allowed to use platform areas. Place re-bar and prepare plywood surface for next concrete pour.

Step 6

Move wall form panel forward with pilot anchor in place and proceed with concrete pour. Continue following Step 3.


With Mounted Formwork

Max. formwork height: 5.4m
Max. load capacity of platform according to  scaffolding group 2 (150 kg/m²)

With Mounted and Supported Formwork

Max. formwork height: 3.3m
Max. load capacity of both platforms according to scaffolding group 2 (150 kg/m²)

Please observe the following:

Max. wind speed: 50km/h
Platforms are to be safeguarded against lifting by wind forces (for example with belt)
Push and pull prop should be mounted for each  bracket with interval of 1.5m.