About Us

Founded in 1986 in Vancouver, Canada, National Forming Systems Inc. has become one of the leading companies in supply of concrete forming products and engineering to the construction industry.

With offices along the West Coast of Canada and the United States, through joint venture with NCS Forming Inc. and a dealership in Honululu, Hawaii, since 1989, the company has a large impact in the region by providing advanced technology and forming products to various construction projects.


At the planning stage, our design team seeks to find the optimum solution, whether with a product from our standard production line or custom made. The goal is to provide the best results for our customers.

Our ongoing investment in research and development of new products focuses on time and labor saving innovations, lightweight materials, easy assembly and safety. We have developed a number of patents as a direct result of our innovative vision.

With unique expertise, extensive research and development, and manufacturing facilities, National Forming Systems Inc. covers everything from providing an optimal forming solution for the project, design and product delivery, to onsite technical support.

The extensive range of National Forming Systems Inc. high performance concrete forming products, meets customer demands by keeping cost at an acceptable level, delivering on time, and maintaining the highest standards of quality.